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Tom Smart Tom began his teaching career at Walnut Creek Christian School in CA in 1964. Five and a half years later, he moved his family to Pensacola, Florida where Tom taught Biology and Chemistry. In 1973, he moved to Salem, OR where he was principal of Salem Private Schools for 8 years during which time the school grew from 350 to 960 students.

Summers provided so many wonderful opportunities to further his education through National Science Foundation scholarships, etc. Work outside the schools helped provide for family needs and gave him unexpected life experiences, broadening his horizons and outlooks.

An opportunity presented itself in 1981, for Tom to become Principal of Portland Christian School, which led to him serving as Superintendent there. In 1989, with the graduation of his last son, Tom left to work with School Pictures and then to be Superintendent of Salem Academy for a year.

Tom is grateful for the 30 years he served inside the Christian schools and is now extremely pleased to being involved as a consultant in insurances and employee benefits. He gets a unique view of the schools “from the outside”. He is licensed in CA, OR and WA and travels these states on a regular basis.

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